Monthly Archives: June 2017

We’re picking this blog back up again!

After almost 3 years of inactivity, Connor and I have decided to start posting again. Hoorah!

It’s been a long time since we last posted. A lot has happened in the time in between. I’m still going to school at the University of New Mexico; still cranking away at that CS degree. I started working for a digital experience startup called Storylab, where I’ve been doing some work for them in Unity and JavaScript. Also, I started TA-ing for an introductory JavaScript course where I was introduced to P5.js, a JavaScript library for drawing to the canvas. I absolutely love working with P5, and so for the last year I’ve been posting a lot of my work to a great site called CodePen.

I’ve been doing a lot of side coding projects – several of them even making it to the front page of CodePen. I’ve made lots of cool programs like fractals, tree generators, spirographs, and wiggly elastic grids, but lately I’ve been feeling like my work is stagnating. I still think my projects are fun, but I need to branch out into new territory.

After talking with Connor about my problem, he had an interesting insight. He said that while my projects were interesting, they didn’t capture peoples’ attention because they didn’t have a narrative. I need to create a story behind my projects to keep them engaging and fun.

With that in mind, I’d like to transition into writing more posts on my projects and ideas. My hope is that by writing about my projects, I can not only provide that missing narrative, but also get some practice in creating stories and content for my projects. (Of course, I’m always interested to hear our readers feedback on these projects as well!)

Sometimes I’ll post about my projects, or an idea that I have for a project. Sometimes I might post technical tutorials on how to code, or how to approach coding something. Of course I’ll still post about other topics, but that’s what I’d like to focus on for now.

So I hope you all find this blog interesting! We’ll try to keep you entertained with our posts (and try to post slightly more often than once every 3 years).